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Poor women losing their husband are always over looked by the society. Though Islam has preached for their rehabilitation by remarriage for looking after children, but in vain. Most of the women control themselves in such situation but some of them lose determination therefore “Anadha Vidhwala Seva Vibhagaam” of Hamara Ghar. Services such widows by distributing 10kg rice every month in addition to clothes and other essentialities of life.

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Poor Muslim orphan girls between the age of 4 and 10 are being admitted after due verification of their identity, residence and guardianship as per rules and regulations of Hamara Ghar. They are provided with hostel, food and also articles of daily use. They are taught Islamic teachings and character building. The course content includes teaching Urdu, Arabic, English and Telugu languages. After completing the prescribed five-year course of Hamara Ghar, they are taught Tailoring, Zari arts, Computer, Calligraphy and drawing skills. All these facilities are provided free to the girls. After completion of their studies the institution takes upon itself the responsibility of marrying the girls whereupon the girls after marriage are bestowed with responsibility of creating an environment in their homes conducive to pure and peaceful living with Islamic teachings and character taught to them.


Irrespective of caste and creed old destitute widows are provided boarding and lodging facilities. They are also given basic medical aid free of cost. The destitute widows will be admitted as inmates of Hamara Ghar after due verification as per rules and regulations of Hamara Ghar.


Irrespective of caste and creed young widows having no income to support their sustenance are admitted as inmates of Hamara Ghar after due verification as per rules and regulations of Hamara Ghar. Hamara Ghar Tailoring Centre has been established for destitute young widows. They will undergo a course in Tailoring, Zari art and Screen-printing. After completion of training they will be given work of readymade garments in order to give them opportunity to generate income.


People come to Kurnool General Hospital for treatment from all over Kurnool district and also from neighbouring districts. When a patient dies, the dead body has to be transported to the place from where the patient hails. It has been observed that unable to bear the high cost of transportation, the relatives of the deceased often leave the body at the Hospital itself as unclaimed torso. With a view to ensure that the relatives of the deceased perform the last rites, the organization wishes to arrange vehicles to transport the dead body from Hospital to the native place of the deceased free of cost irrespective of caste or creed of the deceased.

The organization also wishes to start first aid centers in future.