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Poor women losing their husband are always over looked by the society. Though Islam has preached for their rehabilitation by remarriage for looking after children, but in vain. Most of the women control themselves in such situation but some of them lose determination therefore “Anadha Vidhwala Seva Vibhagaam” of Hamara Ghar. Services such widows by distributing 10kg rice every month in addition to clothes and other essentialities of life.

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Our society comprises people belonging to various income classes namely upper class, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class and lower income class. One common feature in all these classes is that the people belonging to these classes have constant source of income. Hence they come under ‘HAVES’. There is one more class in the society, the distinction of which is, people belonging to this class do not have any income or source of income to fall back upon for their sustenance, and, hence they come under ‘HAVE-NOTS’. Orphans, destitute widows, and young widows without any source of income, precisely come under ‘HAVE-NOTS’ and it is this class that is required to be taken care of since people belonging to this class are prone to go astray under economic and other compulsions. An act of compassion towards these people will lead to preventing them from committing grave mistakes. All the religions world over teach that one should be compassionate and benevolent towards orphans, destitute and poor. The children need to be given education and the widows have to be shown some source of income by involving them in activities leading to income generation.

With a view to cater to the requirements of this class an organization by name DARUL YATAAMA WAL MASAAKEEN EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY was registered under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act with registration number 261/08.

To accomplish the Mission, the organization has established HAMARA GHAR. The services of Hamara Ghar encompass providing boarding, lodging, education and training facilities to the inmates. The eligibility criteria for being admitted as an inmate of Hamara Ghar, inter alia, are:

1. Poor Muslim girls

2. Destitute widows irrespective of caste and creed

3. Irrespective of caste and creed, young widows having no income.

In other words, Hamara Ghar is an Orphanage for poor Muslim girls, an old-age home for destitute widows and a centre for training and income generation for young widows who have no income to fall back upon for their sustenance.


Hamara Ghar established in the year 2007 striving to serve the Muslim orphan girls and destitute widows, is right now serving from a rented premises near Lal Masjid Road in old city of Kurnool. Hamara Ghar does not get any financial aid either from government or any charitable trust. The expenses are being borne with the help of Allah, from out of donations given in the Mosques on appeal by the Founder of the institution. The unique feature of Hamara Ghar is that this is the only orphanage for girls where the institution not only takes care of providing free education but also takes up the responsibility of marrying the girls, thereby transforming the orphan girls into responsible citizen of a pure and peaceful society by eradicating the ills of poverty, destitution and illiteracy. Hamara Ghar is also striving to give employment opportunities for destitute widows irrespective of their caste or creed, by opening avenues of halal income thereby averting possibility of their taking wrong steps in life for their sustenance.



Abu Rizwan Saqib


Ahmed Rasool







Janab Abu Rizwan, founder of Hamara Ghar and also Chairman, Daarul Yataama Wal Masaakeen Educational & Social Welfare Society Kurnool, was born in a kisan family. His father Janab Abdul Rasool was an agriculturist and lived in Masapet village about 18 kilometers from Kurnool. Janab Abu Rizwan had formal education up to 5th class in Telugu Medium School at his village Masapet. He came to Kurnool for further studies and pursued his schooling by staying at Poor Boys Boarding Home. After completing his 10th Class he joined Adeeb Fazil Course in Islamia Arabic College Kurnool by staying at Yateemkhana managed by Anjuman-e-Islamia Kurnool. To meet his expenses Janab Abu Rizwan had been giving tuitions to students on part-time basis. Later he also pursued Urdu Pandit Course from Comprehensive College of Education Hyderabad. Since Adeeb Fazil course is equivalent to under graduage degree and those who pass out successfully may pursue post graduation, Janab Abu Rizwan secured his Masters degree of M.A. (Urdu) from Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad.

Janab Abu Rizwan is a creative artist and as such he developed interest in Calligraphy, designing and painting out of his sheer passion for creative arts. In the year 1990 he was appointed as Instructor in Calligraphy in Osmania College Kurnool.

Janab Abu Rizwan being an artist, used to be greatly touched by the plight of orphans, destitute and young widows that culminated in establishing Hamara Ghar to accomplish his mission of ameliorating hardships faced by these souls for their physical sustenance.

Janab Abu Rizwan has two sons. He got his first son, Irfan Javed, married to an inmate of Hamara Ghar so that the work of Hamara Ghar shall continue even after his death.